Integrating Blockchain with Capital Markets

One of the strongest use cases of Blockchain is the ability for it to disrupt the current technology layer of capital markets – from the trading layer all the way to clearance and settlement.

Looking for possible Integrations?

AML and KYC Layer

Harness blockchain’s unparalleled security for robust KYC and AML checks. Ensure every user is verified and every transaction is legitimate.

Asset Tokenization Layer

Transform your securities into digital tokens on the blockchain. Unlock seamless trading, greater liquidity, and instant integrations.

Trading and AMM

Adopt Automated Market Maker models to supercharge your exchange. Experience real-time trading with optimized pricing and unmatched efficiency.

Traditional Set up…

The traditional system is riddled with bottlenecks, involving numerous intermediaries that often complicate the trading process. From stock exchanges to settlement agents, each entity adds layers, potentially slowing down transactions and increasing costs.

…with Blockchain.

The decentralized nature eliminates the need for most intermediaries, streamlining transactions. The process becomes faster, more transparent, and significantly reduces costs.

Benefits of BAO

Increased efficiency

Streamline operations, reduce paperwork, and enhance productivity by leveraging the transparency and immutability of blockchain.

Unparalleled transparency

Build trust with stakeholders and customers by providing verifiable, real-time information on transactions and assets.

Enhanced security

Safeguard sensitive data and transactions through decentralized, tamper-proof records, protecting your organization and customers from potential breaches.

Access new markets

Expand your horizons and access untapped markets with confidence, knowing that your business is backed by cutting-edge blockchain technology.


msc patner for Hyperglade no-code blockchain platform
Draper Assoc patner for Hyperglade no-code blockchain platform
Draper ST for Hyperglade no-code blockchain platform
PWC patner for Hyperglade no-code blockchain platform
Hatch patner for Hyperglade no-code blockchain platform

Want to learn more?

Our RWA investment platform is currently available for USDT funds (Lenders) and retailers (Borrowers) who work with partnered large suppliers.

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