BAOlympics RWA Hackathon

Hyperglade’s Beneficial Asset Ownership (BAO) Protocol allows any developer to create RWA tokenization based Real World applications of blockchain with no prior blockchain experience.

We also held a successful hackathon with an accompanying workshop on how to build with BAO, where over a one month period, teams created and presented their innovative solution on Demo day on 17th of November 2023.

The Demo day took place at Draper Startup House in Singapore, and was attended by Industry leaders, Venture Capital Funds and Developers from all around the world.

Reliving our Successful Demo Day!

When it happened: November 17, 2023
Location: Draper Startup House, Singapore

The BAOlympics event was a great success, as eight teams participated both virtually and physically at the Draper Startup House to showcase innovative real-world use cases utilizing blockchain technology. The hackathon attracted participants ranging from developers, notable VC’s, industry leaders and Blockchain enthusiasts worldwide, culminating in the day that brought the global community together.

Solutions varied in incredible diversity – from wine tokenization to gold fractionalization for liquidity. The event celebrated the convergence of creativity and utility, focusing on the innovation-driven functionality rooted in Hyperglade’s BAO protocol—an open-source foundation for Hyperglade’s no-code platform.



  • What is Beneficial Asset Ownership (BAO) Protocol? Hyperglade’s world’s first all purpose blockchain use case platform is based on the BAO protocol, which makes it simple and easy to implement blockchain use cases for healthcare, education, real estate, private equity, and many more industries.


  • How do I learn more? You can learn more about use cases of blockchain and how to use the BAO for implementation in our workshop, after which the information is also available publicly.


  • How many people can be in a team? There’s no limit to the number of people you can involve in your team. The prizes are given based on the idea and the development of the solution.


  • Is this an online event? The hackathon takes place virtually. However, we have a demo day followed by a networking event taking place on the 17th of November 2023 at Draper Startup House in Singapore, attended by Industry leaders, Venture Capital Funds and Developers from all around the world. The event will be streamed online.


    • Is there an age, geography restriction? No. This is an open event. We have startups and university teams joining the hackathon.