Build Blockchain based Supply Chain Traceability in a Few Clicks.

Embark on a transformative journey with Hyperglade’s supply chain traceability solution. Experience the power of Blockchain technology as it illuminates every step of your product’s journey with unparalleled clarity and integrity from source to shelf.

77% Cited brand loyalty improvement through better product management (Rockwell)

Companies with traceable supply chains tend to outperform those with limited visibility.
68% of C-Suite Executives view traceability as “very or extremely important” (Bain)

Build a Digital Trail and Improve Efficiency

We help you harness blockchain’s unparalleled composability for robust tracking. Have complete read, write permission over all stakeholders in the process.

Tokenization Your Supply Chain Assets

We help convert your assets in a supply chain into digital tokens – everything from tea leaves to batches of medical supplies enabling a brand new set of capabilities including becoming financially tradeable.

Building Traceability in a Few Clicks.