Integrating Blockchain with REITs

REIT structures traditionally involve multiple distributions and stakeholders, leading to complex management. Blockchain offers a solution, allowing for seamless fractional ownership, enhanced transparency, and a more efficient stakeholder engagement, revolutionizing the way REITs operate.

Looking for possible Integrations?

AML and KYC Layer

Harness blockchain’s unparalleled security for robust KYC and AML checks. Ensure every user is verified and every transaction is legitimate.

Asset Tokenization Layer

Transform your portfolio into digital tokens on the blockchain. Unlock the ability to trade in greater liquidity and create new indexes seamlessly.


Harness the power of blockchain to divide large assets into smaller, tradable units. Allow multiple stakeholders to invest in high-value properties they might otherwise not afford, democratizing access to real estate opportunities.

Leveraging the versatility of Blockchain

Traditional REIT structures involve various participants, from fund managers to trustees, each introducing potential delays and costs. Blockchain streamlines this by directly connecting investors with properties, reducing intermediaries, and enhancing transaction efficiency and transparency.

Benefits of BAO

Increased efficiency

Streamline operations, reduce paperwork, and enhance productivity by leveraging the transparency and immutability of blockchain.

Unparalleled transparency

Build trust with stakeholders and customers by providing verifiable, real-time information on transactions and assets.

Enhanced security

Safeguard sensitive data and transactions through decentralized, tamper-proof records, protecting your organization and customers from potential breaches.

Access new markets

Expand your horizons and access untapped markets with confidence, knowing that your business is backed by cutting-edge blockchain technology.


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Our RWA investment platform is currently available for USDT funds (Lenders) and retailers (Borrowers) who work with partnered large suppliers.

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