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Pre-built templates, No-Code Platform

Select one of our template utilities and customize it to your requirement. No coding knowledge is need.

No web3 knowledge needed!

You can simply use your email and credit cards, if you do not want to use crypto wallets and coins.

Savings in $ thousands

Utility dashboards cost thousands of dollars. But our solution costs only a fraction of that.

Our Solutions

nft certificates hyperglade

Certification on the Blockchain

Tamper-proof and verifiable way to prove that a person has completed a course, received a certification, or earned a degree.
loyalty programme with blockchain nft hyperglade

NFT Loyalty & Rewards

Sell your loyalty tokens to provide super rare benefits to your audience, OR reward your best customers with a digital token.
nft membership blockchain

Instantly prove Membership

We use soul bound tokens to authenticate membership and provide access to events, rewards etc.
nft tickets hyperglade

Tickets on the Blockchain

End ticket forging with tokenized tickets for access, concerts and events. Our novel Web3 interface allows you to prove your ownership without a wallet!

Deeds on the Blockchain

Physical items (rare items) can be linked to a blockchain deed. Blockchain entries are immutable and impossible to forge. Therefore blockchain based deeds are easy to verify, authenticate and trade digitally.

Exclusive Content

Provide gated access to exclusive content through the use of NFTs. Customize the rules of engagement in our dashboard.


Utility Driven Blockchain Projects


Successful Use Cases




Trusted Partners

Empowering Web3

Hyperglade is partnered with amazing tech and infrastructure partners across the world, to bring Web3 solutions to the mass markets.

Mastercard Customer Forum, Bali

Hyperglade conducted a session with Mastercard for the Indonesian banking industry, exploring potential opportunities in Web3.

Insta Hockney NFT Exhibition

We partnered with the artist Bilal Saheed from the Imperial College of London to launch an NFT collection inspired by the "Bigger Splash" by David Hockney.

AccelerateHer Web3 workshop

Hyperglade took part in AccelerateHer startup fund's women's day session where we educated the community on Web3, NFT, and Cryptocurrency.

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