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What is a HyperAvatar?

Hyperglade is working towards a truly decentralized NFT space. We are a team of engineers improving the NFT space one step at a time. Our goal is to build a decentralized DAO run communities in the NFT space, that receives benefit from the eco-system they help build, promote and govern. Our HyperAvatar NFT plays a pivotal role in building this space.


HyperAvatars consists of 5 humanoid space bound factions.

There are 5000 unique HyperAvatars minted that belongs to the 5 factions. There are 500 hidden HyperAvatars that will not be revealed at the initial mint.

You can stake and evolve the HyperAvatar NFTs. NFTs are used for membership access in our DAOs and HyperAvatar NFTs are provided with additional benefits.


Planets are governing bodies based on their own DAO. Initially there are 5 planets. HyperAvatar NFTs are your DAO access token.

With your HyperAvatar, you gain a percentage of sales that occurs in the planet and you have voting rights on what happens in your planet.


  • When our DAO based NFT marketplace is launched, creators need to affiliate themselves with a planet. For every sale that happens, the corresponding planet receives 1% of the sale.
  • The planet can invest assets in its planetary bank in a liquidity pool and receive interest.

Initially the planet communications are based on private discord channels. Eventually we will incorporate it with the DAO.

First to reach level 5, can setup the discord channel for the planet they originated from. So stake your NFT as soon as you can.

Planets have one or multiple leaders. You can stake a defined amount of HPT and create your own planet, in which case, the eco-system discovers a new planet! The staked HPT goes into the planetary bank. The amount of HPT required to create a planet increases proportionately to how many planets are in the eco-system.


You can stake your HyperAvatar to earn $HPT. Initially, you can earn a higher return percentage with HyperAvatar. This allows the first HyperNFT holders to earn the required HPT rewards to evolve their NFTs.

  • HPT is earned based staking the HyperNFT. HyperNFT staked would go into the HyperGlade DAO. HPT emission reduces overtime based on HyperNFT staking. Each level of staked NFT increases the HPT that’s emitted. Gradually the rewards for HyperNFT staking would be negligible.
  • Level 1 – NFT earns 10 HPT per day reducing 1% per day
  • Level 2 – NFT earns 20 HPT per day reducing 1% per day
  • Level 3 – NFT earns 30 HPT per day reducing 1% per day
  • Level 4 – NFT earns 40 HPT per day reducing 1% per day
  • Level 5 – NFT earns 50 HPT per day reducing 1% per day

HyperAvatar Evolution

You can evolve your HyperAvatar with HPT. With each evolution (Levels) they are granted privileges that enable them to ascend a ladder required to creating their own communities.

  • Each NFT in the community that’s minted starts at level 1. There are 5 levels to the NFT.
  • HPT need to be provided in order to upgrade the NFT. This HPT would collect into the DAO wallet of specific HyperNFT Faction.
  • These levels are used to provide tiers in the community.
    • Level 1 – Join the DAO Chat
    • Level 2 – Vote on DAO Decisions
    • Level 3 – Propose on DAO Decisions
    • Level 4 – Access to the DAO wallet
    • Level 5 – Initiate revoke proposal of Members


Stage 1 – 10%

  • Release and Mint of NFT.
  • Staking of NFT and earning HPT.
  • Planetary communication channels are setup in discord for communication between five factions.
  • Wallet is setup for the faction. And royalties of sales of each faction goes into it’s own treasury via HPT.

Stage 2 – 30%

  • Upgrading of NFT is allowed with HPT.
  • Discord roles are given to members based on levels of their NFT.

Stage 3 – 50%

  • Enable Marketplace Aggregator for the HyperNFT holders

Stage 4 – 70%

  • Enable Marketplace Aggregator for everyone
  • Enable HyperToolkit for HyperNFT holders

Stage 5 – 80%

  • DAO based marketplace
  • Community creation with HPT
    • Community treasury created with HPT
  • Trading percentage injects into Community Treasury as HPT

Stage 6 – 100%

  • Add ComToolkit

Mint Information

Date: 22nd September 2022

Whitelist Mint: 15:00 - 23:00 UTC

Public Mint: 23:00 - 03:00 UTC

Price: 2.5 SOL

  • Total mint raised value of NFTs would be 12,500 SOL. 12,500 SOL would be distributed as below
    • 6250 – For Development of DAO
    • 1250 – For Marketing Activities of HyperGlade
    • 5000 – Treasury backing for each faction. 1000 SOL for each faction.


Fully Diluted HPT volume – 1,000,000

HPT for staked earnings of HyperNFT = 100,000

Value of HPT for staked earnings = (5000/1,000,000)*100,000 SOL


  • Does different factions have different benefits? No. Each faction starts-off identically. However, when the planet communications are setup, along with the planetary bank, the value of each faction can differ based on the performance of the faction.
  • Can I select my faction? No. You are randomly assigned a faction at the mint.