| May 10, 2024

Round Table Sri Lanka NFT Pins – a project by Hyperglade.

Round Table is an international social service organisation comprising clubs located around the globe with an expansive network of members known as “Tablers”.

Round Table Sri Lanka promotes fellowship among its members. Global members worldwide have the tradition of exchanging their Roundtable Pins with each other – These pins have a rich and interesting history behind the pin and how they came to the hands of each tabler.

Hyperglade and Round Table Sri Lanka (RTSL) have worked together to create RTSLs first ever NFT collection! The Round Table NFT is the digital version of the traditional Roundtable Pins on the blockchain. It can track the origin of the pins, and their trading history.

Our collaboration highlights the history of RTSL, using the designs of the classic Round Table Pins, just digitally, stored on the blockchain. Each NFT comes with a real-world utility, giving holders of the first 100 pins access to the AGM of Round Table Sri Lanka.

We have enabled you to purchase these pins using fiat currency, i.e. credit/debit cards through the Hyperglade platform. There are currently 9 clubs and more than 100 Round Table Sri Lanka members. Numerous diverse community service initiatives are carried out by these nine unique clubs.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Round Table Sri Lanka and are looking forward to projects with their team in the future. Keep an eye out!

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