| May 10, 2024

Revolutionizing Sustainability: Sling Mobility Unveils World’s First EV Battery Token

It is with great excitement that we share the news that Sling Mobility, in collaboration with technology provider Hyperglade, successfully launched SlingChain Token, – the world’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) battery-backed token.

Decoding the Future: The Landscape of Blockchain & Green Innovation

The Sling Chain Launch event set the stage for a profound exploration into the future of blockchain technology. Industry pioneers and thought leaders convened to deliberate on the evolving landscape, contemplating its transformative potential across various sectors.

The event started with a message from Dr. Cornelius Boersch, a German serial entrepreneur, technology investor, business angel, and author. He is the founder of the investment companies Mountain Partners AG and Conny & Co. Boersch is considered one of the most active and well-known investors in the (European) technology and start-up ecosystem. He is the first holder of SlingChain tokens.

Amidst the panoramic discussions, the event navigated through the critical terrain of carbon credits and ecological footprints. Visionaries exchanged insights on harnessing blockchain’s power to reshape carbon credit systems, paving the way for a sustainable future.

A Novel Technology

Driving this groundbreaking initiative is Hyperglade, the technological partner that fuels the very essence of the Sling Chain. Their innovative solution provides a novel method of connecting the EV ecosystem with a wide audience who can virtually own and lease EV batteries and earn a monthly rental.

Far beyond a token, the Sling Chain embodies a paradigm shift. Attendees were enlightened by the unveiling of a novel economic model, one where token holders seamlessly reap the rewards of passive income. This income stream, effortlessly deposited into their accounts, stands as a hallmark of a pioneering approach to sustainable finance.

Blockchain for the Future: A Panoramic Discourse

The event’s intellectual height came to life during a riveting panel discussion led by luminaries in the blockchain space:

  • Asad Sultan (Founder & CEO – Verdana)

As an accomplished CEO in finance, Asad Sultan leads EcoConsortium, the pioneering digital carbon registry in Asia-Pacific. With Verdana and EcoRegistry collaboration, the platform integrates advanced digital measuring, reporting, and verification. Under Asad’s guidance, EcoConsortium aims to revolutionize carbon footprint assessment through a cutting-edge SaaS platform and automation.

  • Gayantha De Zoysa (COO – Rareskills)

In the role of Chief Operating Officer at Rareskills and a background in pivotal senior positions, Gayantha drives operational strategy and execution, leveraging expertise in startup dynamics, remote team management, and fostering growth-driven cultures in the innovative technology sector.

  • Lakshan De Silva (CGO – Hyperglade)

As the CGO and Co-Founder, Lakshan brings a diverse educational background from the State University of New York, SBU, coupled with Fintech expertise as the former CEO of iLoan and CFO at Spectrify; his significant Wall Street experience enriches his team with strategic insights and a crucial financial perspective.

  • Mike G. (Lightning Network Applications, Bitcoin Education)

With a focus on Lightning Network Applications and Bitcoin Education, Mike brings valuable expertise to the forefront of decentralized finance. Mike is committed to both developing innovative Lightning Network applications and educating others about the intricacies of Bitcoin.

The panel dissected the intricate tapestry of blockchain’s future, offering interesting perspectives on its potential applications and power across industries. As the curtain fell on the Sling Chain Launch, the significance of its impact echoed through the blockchain community. The event not only unveiled a groundbreaking token but sowed the seeds of a sustainable future, where innovation, collaboration, and blockchain converge to shape a world that transcends boundaries.

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