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New to NFTs? We'll cover everything from the basics to writing smart contracts.

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Upcoming: Understanding NFTs (11-14 Oct)

Our 4 session ‘Understanding NFTs’ course is here and our registrations are now open!

Additional perks of this course?
– Live chat with presenters and industry experts
– NFT certificate at the end of the course
– Bespoke guidance for launching your own collection on Hyperglade marketplace

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Excited to have you on board!

Course details

This is a very comprehensive course. We would love to have you become an active participant asking us (difficult) questions and giving us your opinion.

We like to keep the session as interactive as possible!

Session I: Intro into NFTs

  • Introduction to NFTs
    • Define the use cases of NFT and its importance.
    • Types of NFTS
      • What rights are included with NFTs?
      • Fractionalizing NFTs
    • Buying and selling NFTs (mint price, floor price)
    • How to make an NFT in 1 minute. (Touch on Marketplaces, Royalty and Wallets)
  • Brief history of NFTs
    • From Web 1 to Web 3: Why decentralization is important.
    • Punks, Kitties and Apes: The collections that defined the space.
  • The popularity of NFTs
    • Notable NFTs.
    • What happened in 2021?
    • NFTs and the Metaverse

Session II: Economics of NFTs

  • NFTs in numbers
    • Who buys NFTs
    • Average transaction stats
    • Volumes and current trends
  • Understanding NFT projects
  • How are NFTs valued?
    • Creators
    • Rarity
    • Price history
    • Content
    • Marketing
  • Providing utility 
    • Metaverse
    • Real world

Session III: Understanding Collections

  • Collections
    • Randomness
    • Rarity
    • Story
  • User trading behaviour
  • Collections
    • Roadmaps
    • Evolutions and Breeding
    • Protection tactics
  • Market Dynamics
    • Lifetime
    • Holding period
    • Technical Analysis

Session IV: Creating Your Own Collection

  • Identifying valuable projects
    • Finding creators
    • Minting schedules
    • Doxxing
    • Roadmap and timelines
    • 101 on flipping NFTs
  • Building your NFT project 
    • Identifying utility value
    • Building engagement
    • Monetizing your Idea
    • NFT project management
  • Setting up your marketing
    • Identifying your audience
    • Identifying marketing channels
    • Communication of content

Our Team

Our experienced panelists come from a variety of fields including finance, computer science, and marketing. They are always enthusiastic to share their knowledge with you.