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NFTs provide a unique method of engagement, community building, generating sale revenue, and repetitive royalty for creators and brands.

How to Launch Your NFT Collection

Before you launch your NFT collection, the first step should be identifying your target audience. NFT is an umbrella term for various ERC-721 tokens that gain their value in different ways. Identifying the target audience allows you to cater your NFT collection in a manner that benefits both you and your audience, the best.

What brings value to NFT collections

Let’s take a look at some popular NFT collections and how their value is created.

NFT CollectionWhy they create value
Bored Ape Yacht ClubNFTs provide access to an exclusive community and events.
MeebitsBuilding a No-fee marketplace
CryptoPunksCollectible Value
NBA Top ShotsNFT trading cards
CynovaA Web3 Incubator
Popular NFT Collections and why they create value

Choose the method of launch

The main 2 methods of launching your collection as NFTs are: Auction method and Sale method.

Auction method

A selected number of NFTs (Limited number, unique, with an aspect of rarity) are added in an auction page where the auction takes place during a limited time period.(24 hours, 48 hours, 7 days etc.)

Buy Now method

A limited number of NFTs are allowed to be purchased (Typically to a selected number of users) for a set price immediately.

Choose the chain

The blockchain you select for your NFT collection can be very important, depending on the purpose of your NFT collection.

Ethereum is the most popular blockchain for NFTs. However the cost of launching an NFT collection on Ethereum can be quite high, due to its proof-of-work nature. This essentially makes it not environmental friendly. It’s worth noting that the chain is actively working on fixing this issue.

Solana is another blockchain that is extremely popular for NFTs while being quite environmentally friendly.

Building excitement for the target community is crucial in an NFT launch. The more excitement surrounding your NFTs, the more value people will ascribe to them.  Establishing social media channels, (Twitter and Discord, as well as Instagram, Reddit, and Telegram) reaching out to fellow NFT projects and influencers, website building and promotional content are required for a successful NFT launch.

How Hyperglade can help you


Hyperglade team can help you identify your audience, create the NFT collection, along with the necessary pages, technology and position the collection to gain the maximum engagement.


Our team has the expertise to setup the Website, create the Artworks (If necessary) and generate the NFTs.


Hyperglade can identify, setup and manage the communication channels for your NFT collection.

We work with multiple platforms

Hyperglade team can help you setup your own website for the NFT collection, setup your accounts in other marketplaces (Opensea, MagicEden etc.) and even help you launch your collection using other NFT platforms that best suit your collection.

Hyperglade marketplace

Hyperglade marketplace is uniquely suited for collectors that are new to the NFT space. has shorted the customer journey by providing integrated wallet and fiat acceptance. Our integrated wallet allows any user to sign up and buy/sell NFTs without the need of a 3rd party NFT wallet. We accept fiat currencies (Eg: USD) for the sale of the NFT, allowing users to pay for the NFTs using either credit or debit cards, as well as cryptocurrency.


We provide consultations for the brands and artists continuously during the engagement. If you are not sure about where to start, we can work with you to identify and curate an NFT collection that’s unique and best suited for you.

End to end support to launch your NFT Collection. Contact Us today!

If you are interested in launching your NFT collection with Hyperglade, drop us an email to [email protected] today!