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| Hyperglade Services

Let us help you through your NFT journey!

Art work creation

We have a collection of artists, with different art styles, from which you can select an artist who will suit the project the best. We can manage the communications between the artist and the team to achieve the best results.


We provide consultation for NFT projects in terms of:

  • Project Conceptualization.
  • Roadmap creation.
  • Technical advice.


Easily convert/upgrade into a metaverse project which provides value to the NFTs as metaverse assets. We have the technological capabilities to achieve this in a seamless manner. Services provided;

  • 3D character creation
  • 3D asset creation
  • NFT Metaverse integration


We help build a community for your collection and interact with existing projects/influencers. Hyperglade can assist with setting up the marketing strategy and the monthly execution.


Hyperglade can provide end-to-end tech support for the project. This includes:

  • Smart Contract Creation
  • Setting up the mint/auction site
  • Wallet setup for the project
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Website Creation
  • Integration with other marketplaces.

Project Management

Hyperglade can help you initiate and manage your NFT project bringing our experience, technical and marketing knowledge to create, publish, and manage your NFT project.

Our Pricing

Hot Blue

$ 1,000
  • Launch a complete NFT Collection.
  • Dedicated Mintpage and Website.
  • Project Wallet and Smart Contract Setup.

Red Giant

$ 2,500
  • All features of Hot Blue.
  • Setup Social Media Channels (2 platforms).
  • Setup discord channel.
  • 1 month of organic promotion.


$ 6,000
  • All features of Red Giant
  • Discord Moderation for 3 months.
  • 3 months of organic promotion.

Your choice

$ Custom
  • Choose marketing package
  • Custom Smart contract setup
  • Fully Customizable