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Our comprehensive educational courses, events, and podcasts are designed to help you get both a theoretical and practical understanding into NFTs

Course Offerings

The NFT asset class is large and growing rapidly. Therefore we have something for eveyone; whether you are a novice or a expert.

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Understanding NFTs (Intermediate)

$ 24.50 /person
  • A deeper dive to understand statistics, pricing and volume, and different colletions
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Creating a Collection (Coming soon)

  • Advanced level course where we train you to create and manage your own collection

Smart Contracts (Coming soon)

  • Writing and understanding smart contracts and other NFT minting mechanisms

The NFT Beginner's course, launched in collaboration with Ceylon Exchange Mentoring and Hyperglade ended up being a massive success. A significant portion of that success was achieved owing to the contribution of Hyperglade. Hyperglade's knowledgeable lecture panel came up with the most innovative and interactive study materials for the students of the course, thereby creating unparalleled value for buck.

Ceylon Exchange Mentoring Rahul Nimesh, CEO

Conducted physical presentation including a panel on Crypto mayhem, in June. Topics ranged from the chaos of Terra-Luna collapse to the utility behind Bitcoin.

Hatch Works Brindha Selvadurai-Gnanam

The session conducted by Hyperglade in collaboration with Yellowdot was a stellar sucess. The session was catered to at-risk youth and minority artists to be able to explore additional income streams through NFT and art during this economic crisis. The breakdown of NFTs was beneficial in creating the next generation of innovative and tech savvy changemakers

Yellow Dot

    The NFT blog

    Our monthly blog will cover articles on everything from why people buy NFTs to how NFTs are valued. This blog will continue to grow with content so watch this space!