About Hyperglade

Hyperglade is a diverse team from around the globe. We are making NFTs, more accessible, and making it easier for creators to be discovered. We believe in making NFTs accessible to all. This involves making the purchase of NFT, easier and faster.

Hyperglade Marketplace makes the purchase of NFT 62.5% faster than the traditional customer journey of purchasing an NFT. The marketplace has an integrated wallet, that removes the requirement of a third party wallet. The marketplace also accepts cryptocurrency and credit/debit cards, making the purchase of an NFT, currency agnostic.

NFT communities are at the core of value creation. However, these communities rarely get compensated for their engagement in increasing the value of an NFT.

HyperAvatar NFT project is building a DAO based NFT marketplace that incentives the NFT communities with each sale or governance action.

Our launchpad services provides end to end support in making your NFT collection a success. Hyperglade team can help you identify your audience, create the NFT collection, along with the necessary pages, technology and position the collection to gain the maximum engagement.